The 17 Most Expensive Materials In The World

For many centuries, lots of people have believed that gold is one of the most expensive materials in the world. This, however, is absolutely wrong.
 has compiled a list of materials of value, rating them from the lowest price to the highest one. Let’s skip ahead a bit: gold is not even in the top three here.

16. Saffron — $11 per gram

This spice is unique, combining fantastic taste and great health benefits. Its production process is highly time and effort consuming, but the flavor and healing properties of saffron are unequaled by any other spice.

15. Gold — $56 per gram

The most well-known precious metal that no woman can supposedly do without. Gold has been worshipped from time immemorial, and all things beautiful are inevitably compared to it.

14. Rhodium — $58 per gram

A metal of the platinum group and an extremely rare one. To give you the big picture, let’s say that one ton of earth crust contains about 0.001g of rhodium.

13. Platinum — $60 per gram

This is a rare and precious metal of a silvery steel color. Like gold, it’s highly resistant to acids, alkali, and other compounds.

12. Methamphetamine — $100 per gram

This is what the protagonists of Breaking Bad were cooking. It’s prohibited by law, and you’d do well if you don’t see it in person. Ever.

11. Rhinoceros’s horn — $110 per gram

Although science has proven that rhino horn has no medicinal properties, they are still considered valuable because of this property and as great knife handles. Because of poachers, poor rhinos are already on the verge of extinction.

10. Heroin — $130 per gram

An opiate that changes your perception. Once again, better you never see it for yourself. If the movies speak the truth, it’s very hard to get, and that’s probably why it’s so expensive.

9. Cocaine — $236 per gram

A drug that costs a fortune yet won’t do you any good whatsoever. This white crystal powder is a fatally dangerous narcotic. Its higher price, as compared to the one above, is explained by its ’purity’ and naturalness.

8. LSD — $3,000 per gram

A psychoactive narcotic substance, and a very expensive delayed death. The manufacturing process of this semi-synthetic drug is quite difficult, which explains the cost.

7. Plutonium — $4,000 per gram

A heavy yet fragile radioactive metal of a silvery-white color. Its uses vary from production of nuclear weapons and fuel to a source of energy for spacecrafts.

6. Painite — $9,000 per gram

This stone is so rare that very few people actually know it exists. It’s a mineral of an orange or reddish-brown color, and it was only discovered 65 years ago. There are just a couple hundred of these stones in the world today.

5. Taaffeite — $20,000 per gram or $4,000 per carat

A precious stone of a violet, pink, red, or white color. It is a million times rarer than diamonds, making it legendary. However, despite its uniqueness, it’s not very popular when it comes to jewelry — and that’s probably the reason why it’s relatively inexpensive.

4. Tritium — $30,000 per gram

This gas is used in lighting — for example, in tritium illumination. It costs about $15 million to produce a pound of tritium.

3. Diamond — $55,000 per gram

The most famous precious stone on Earth, and the best friend of any lady.

2. Californium — $25-27 million per gram

The most expensive chemical element ever. It has been synthesized only once since its discovery in 1950.

1. Antimatter — $62.5 trillion per gram

The most expensive substance on Earth. Production of one milligram of positrons costs about $25 million. In theory, we will be able to use antimatter as fuel for spacecrafts in the future. But the drawback today is that to make just one gram of it, all of mankind will have to work for about a year without rest.

Bonus: Jade stone — $170 million

Miners in Myanmar have found the world’s largest jade stone in a remote mine in Kachin State, in the north of the country. The stone is 14ft high and 19ft long, and weighs approximately 200 tons. This beautiful jade boulder will be sent to China, where it will be carved up into expensive jewelry and sculptures.

Create Facebook community video – What we do together matters

The video is essentially a slideshow of your top tagged photos and also your top featured photos. It also provides an insight on how many love emojis you’ve sent on the network. The video is roughly a minute long.

We have added the direct link to access community video below.
“Community is about getting together in real life to do the things you love. So far, people on Facebook have met up at over 100 million new events this year,” says Facebook on its 

website. “Every month, 1.4 billion people use groups on Facebook to share the things that matter most, support each other and connect through their unique and wonderful interests.”
The video, which is roughly 1 minute and 6 seconds long, is an interesting compilation of your top tagged photos and top featured photos. You can also see how many love emojis you have sent to your community. I’m not an active Facebook user. I haven’t updated my profile picture or posted a status update in the last couple of years. 
Although Facebook’s new video feature isn’t available for all users, it has promised to roll it out for everybody very soon. “We’re creating a video celebrating how you and your community are better together. Come back soon to watch it,” reads a Facebook notification.

Create your own ‘What we do together matters’ video

The social networking giant says, “It’s the little things we do together and for each other that make community matter.” Facebook points out that in Crisis Response, each person asking for help gets an offer from at least five people on average. So far, Facebook users “have met up at over 100 million new events this year” in real life. The company determines this number based on whether you or your friends have tagged other people in photos.
The video isn’t yet available for all users, but the company continues to roll it out to more people. You might have already seen your friends’ ‘What we do together matters’ videos in your news feed. To create your own community video, tap on the ‘Watch yours‘ icon on your friend’s video in the news feed. You will be taken to a page showing your video that Facebook has created for you. From there, you can share it with your friends.
If you want to create the video in the web browser, launch your browser, make sure you have logged in to Facebook, and then head over to this link. You’ll see your video right there.
You can also edit the video to your liking before sharing it with your friends on Facebook. Just tap the ‘Edit’ button to make any changes. The first three photos you see in the automatic video are your top tagged pictures posted by your friends. The last three images are your own top photos. You can add more photos from your smartphone gallery or Facebook gallery if you like.

How create video what we do together on Facebook

Facebook has quietly rolled out a new personalised video feature aimed at celebrating its user community. 

The video is essentially a slideshow of your top tagged photos and also your top featured photos. It also provides an insight on how many love emojis you’ve sent on the network. The video is roughly a minute long.

“Community is about getting together in real life to do the things you love. So far, people on Facebook have met up at over 100 million new events this year,” says Facebook on its website. “Every month, 1.4 billion people use groups on Facebook to share the things that matter most, support each other and connect through their unique and wonderful interests.”
Although Facebook’s new video feature isn’t available for all users, it has promised to roll it out for everybody very soon. “We’re creating a video celebrating how you and your community are better together. Come back soon to watch it,” reads a Facebook notification.
To watch your Facebook’s community celebrating video, simply tap on the “watch yours” icon appearing in your friend’s video on the News Feed. The link redirects you to a page where you can see the automated video that Facebook has developed for you, before you share it with your friends.

Edit your Facebook video before sharing it with your friends. (Kul Bhushan)
In case you don’t like the automatic video created by Facebook, you can further customise it by tapping or clicking on the Edit button. The first three photos are your top tagged photos posted by friends. While you can choose from the options provided, you can also add more photos from your Facebook gallery or device. You can do the same for the other three photos, which are your top photos.

Messenger Kids Introduces New Features and Expands to Canada and Peru

We launched Messenger Kids in the US last year after hearing from parents that they wanted a safer app for their kids to chat with close friends and family. Today,

 we’re bringing Messenger Kids to families in Canada and Peru, and will also be introducing Spanish and French versions of the app to all three countries where the app is available.

We designed Messenger Kids from the ground up with elements that teach kids how to better understand and express their emotions in creative ways, encourage and promote healthy social behaviors, and deepen positive connections between kids and their close friends and families. In that spirit, and in collaboration with researchers from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and a global group of advisors, we’re working on new features rooted in principles of social and emotional learning, including:
  • Messenger Kids Pledge: A pledge of guiding principles between parents and kids that encourage the responsible use of Messenger Kids: Be Kind, Be Respectful, Be Safe, and Have Fun.
  • Kindness Stickers: A new set of photo stickers designed to inspire kindness towards others.
  • Appreciation Mission (Coming Soon): An interactive guide within the app that will encourage kids to discover and express appreciation for their friends and family. This is part of the “Missions” section of the app where kids learn how to use certain features like starting a video call and sending a photo.
In addition to these features, we’ll continue to improve other parts of the app and controls based on parent and expert feedback. For example, one thing we heard consistently is that parents want more than one parent to have control over kid accounts, so starting today we’re making it possible for two parents to manage accounts. We look forward to getting more feedback from families internationally. The app will be available on the Google Play and App Stores in Canada and Peru. For more information about Messenger Kids, visit
For more information about Messenger Kids, visit
*These researchers work in a paid capacity with Facebook to provide consulting services for Messenger Kids.
ebook to provide consulting services for Messenger Kids.

All of Your Facebook Memories Are Now in One Place

Today, we’re launching Memories, a single place on Facebook to reflect on the moments you’ve shared with family and friends, including posts and photos, friends you’ve made, and major life events.

Every day more than 90 million people use On This Day to reminisce about these moments they’ve shared on Facebook, and research suggests this kind of reflection

 can have a positive impact on people’s mood and overall well-being. This is why we’re updating the experience to ensure all of your memories are easy to find.
Your Memories page can include several sections:
  • On This Day: The content that you know and love will still be available within this section, showing your past posts and major life events from this date.
  • Friends Made On This Day: This section will include a list of friends you made on this date in the past, including special videos or collages that celebrate your friendversaries.
  • Recaps of Memories: This section will feature seasonal or monthly recaps of memories that have been bundled into a message or short video.
  • Memories You May Have Missed: If you haven’t checked your memories lately, this section will show you the posts that you might have missed from the past week.
We know that memories are deeply personal — and they’re not all positive. We try to listen to feedback and design these features so that they’re thoughtful and offer people the right controls that are easy to access. We work hard to ensure that we treat the content as part of each individual’s personal experience, and are thankful for the input people have shared with us over the past three years.
You can still access your memories through the Memories bookmark either to the left of your News Feed on your computer or in the “more” tab on the bottom right of your mobile app. You can also access Memories through notifications, through messages that you may see in your News Feed, and by visiting

You’re in Charge: Messenger Group Chats Are Now Better Than Ever

Bringing groups of people together is powerful, and at Messenger, we’re always thinking about how we can improve group chats – especially since 2.5 million new 

groups were created on Messenger every day last year. Today we’re excited to start rolling out new, widely-requested Messenger features that make your group chat experience more robust and seamless

 by giving you more control – whether you’re planning a weekend trip with friends, chatting about a new episode of your favorite show with likeminded fans, or catching up with your family.
Admin privileges allow you to approve new members before they join your group chat. This is especially helpful in large group chats with people you may not yet be connected to, like when you’re planning a friend’s surprise birthday party with different groups of friends. Admins also have the ability to remove members if needed, and promote or demote any other person in the group chat as an admin.
The great thing about admin privileges in Messenger is they work in the background; if your group chat doesn’t need that level of control, it won’t get in the way of your group messaging. You’ll have the option to decide if you’d like admin approval for approving new members, but this preference is off by default in your group chat settings. Admin privileges in Workplace Chat are also rolling out today, learn more here.

Introducing Video Chat in Messenger Lite

Today we’re thrilled to introduce video chat in Messenger Lite, a slimmed down version of Messenger for Android that offers the core features of the app 

while giving everyone the opportunity to stay connected to their friends and family, intended for people with older Android devices and/or slower Internet connections.

Video chats are an expected and essential part of everyday communication in today’s messaging experience. Chatting face-to-face live is perfect for those moments when you want to see and hear the voices of people you care about most – whether you’re wishing someone a happy birthday, you have some great news to share, or you spontaneously want to catch up on the day.
Video chats are incredibly popular for people who use the Messenger core app. In 2017, there were 17 billion video chats in Messenger, twice as many video chats compared to 2016. Now people who use Messenger Lite can have the same rich and expressive face-to-face conversations as those who use the core Messenger app, no matter which technology they use or have access to.

images valentines day 2018 HD

Happy Valentines Day Photos: We can call this lovers day also because on this day lovers propose their love ones. Love birds wait for this day to express their love. In this day love birds plan surprises for their love one like parties, tour, gifts, and especially candle light dinner.

On this day love birds arrange a special dinner in lonely place for their loved ones to express their feelings which we called a candle light dinner.The Valentine’s day name give by the Christian 
martyr in the 5th century. The first time valentines day celebrated in England.

Happy Valentines day 2018 Pictures

Happy Valentines Day Pics: The Valentine’s day name give by the Christian martyr in the 5th century. The first time valentines day celebrated in England in the 18th century. It evolved into an occasion in which lovers express their feelings in front of their lovers by givings red rose, love letter, greeting, ring, etc.
In Europe saint valentine’s day keys are given as a symbol of their love and give the invitation to unlock their hearts. Now below get the best Happy Valentines Day Images 2018 for your BF and  GF.

Happy valentines day 2018 images HD

Valentines Day Images
Happy Valentines Day HD Wallpapers: Saint Valentine’s day is an official feast day in England churches as well as the Lutheran church. Some Eastern churches also celebrate this day in 6th of the July and 30th of the July. Saint Valentine’s day is a Christian community festival, but from the 19th century, it is celebrating in all around the world.
As time passing. The valentine’s day occasion is becoming a more popular event in every country. Love birds are excited for this day. Every time it comes lovebirds celebrate this day like it is the last day of their life.

Valentines Day HD Images Download

Happy Valentine’s day symbol include flowers, red roses, sparkling wine, ring, cupid, red hearts, champagne, Chocolate, candy, clothes especially in red color.

Happy Valentines Day ImagesValentines Day PhotosValentines Day PicturesValentines Day HD WallpapersValentines Day Gif ImagesValentines Day Pics

pictures of valentines dayvalentines day love picturesvalentines day pictures free downloadvalentines day coloring pictureswww valentines day picturesvalentines day pictures with messages

Happy valentine day images with quotes 2018

valentines day cute picturesheart pictures for valentines dayhearts for valentines day picturesvalentines day heart picturespictures of valentines day heartspictures valentines day

Valentines day images for Facebook-WhatsApp Status 2018

funny valentines day picturesvalentines day pictures cards

valentines day pictures freevalentines day pictures images photosHappy Valentines Day 2017 Images
The Valentine’s day is not a one-day festival, but it is a one-week festival. The first day of this festival is Rose day then Propose day, Chocolate day, Teddy day, Promise day, Hug day, Kiss day and at last Saint Valentines day. So we are providing you the best collection of Valentines Day images, HD wallpapers, photos, pictures, for all Valentine’s week. You can share this images on any social networking sites (like Facebook, Whatsapp, hike, snap chat, etc.) free from our site.
So, friends, this is all about the best Valentines day 2018 images for free download. Hope you will love these Happy Valentines Day images useful for Happy Valentines Day 2018 . These wallpapers and photos are the unique collection and also HD one, share with you friends.

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